Global Health Cluster Inc. was built up in October, 2015. Wei Lu and Hong Jia are the founders of Global Health Cluster Inc. Wei is the CEO in charge of the Finance Department for accounting and balance sheets. She will be responsible for the finance, keep track of profit, financial control, Human Resource Department for recruiting employees, training new sales persons, evaluating performance, building up salary framework and drafting regulation for the company. Hong Jia is the CMO in charge of the marketing of the company’s products.  He will keep track of pricing, promotions, distributions, service/product mix, manages the process, industry information and follows government policies of healthcare in the future.

The incorporation offers natural, effectual and no side-effect herbal formulation to patients with NPN approved by Health Canada. All products of Global Health Cluster Inc. focus on promoting herbal formulation that treat many difficult-to-treat ailments such as diabetes, depression, insomnia, high blood/sugar levels, weight gain, hot flashes, headaches and so on. Some sickness and discomfort are the result of hormone and immune system including energy or circulatory imbalances in the body.

We predict that our natural herbal products could help many in North America offering an alternative solution to certain chronic illnesses. These products offer no side-effect and are excellent alternative to aid and control symptoms of the affected people.